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Christine M. Pratt

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Title companies play a crucial role in real estate transactions by conducting a thorough examination of the property's title to ensure that it is free from any legal issues or claims that could affect the buyer's ownership rights.

Property Ownership and Title Chain ️
The title company will examine the property's chain of ownership, also known as the title chain, to ensure that the seller has a clear and legal right to sell the property. They will review past deeds, mortgages, and other recorded documents to verify that the property has a clean and unbroken ownership history.

Liens and Encumbrances ️
The title company will search public records for any liens, judgments, or encumbrances that may be attached to the property. Liens can include unpaid property taxes, outstanding utility bills, mechanic's liens from contractors, and more. Clearing these issues ensures that the buyer receives a property with a clean title.

️ Legal Restrictions and Easements ️
The title search will also uncover any legal restrictions or easements that affect the property. This could include easements for utility companies, shared driveways, or other parties that have rights to access parts of the property. Additionally, the title company will look for any restrictive covenants or zoning regulations that could impact how the property can be used.

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